Shipping Information while Shopping at WE LOVE TEXAS

We @ WE LOVE TEXAS want to inform you, the customer, of the many shipping methods that your purchase might be shipped to you, because after purchasing a product from one of our members, your purchase will be shipped to you using a variety of methods depending on the company.

Each of WE LOVE TEXAS' members decides on their method of shipping. Here is a list of some of the shipping methods that our members offer:

  • United States Postal Service
  • UPS
  • Fed Ex

Your shipping costs may be determined by the following methods:

  • Shipping cost by product - set for each individual product.
  • Shipping cost determined by total price - set by the total price of the products ordered.
  • Shipping cost determined by total weight - set by the total weight of the products ordered.

You may also have the ability, depending on each company, to choose additional shipping options like Express, Overnight, 2nd day, etc.