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WE LOVE TEXAS is the ultimate in Texas products. We have searched the state over to round up the best for you, our customer.

We Love Texas is managed by the webhosting and ISP company, under Richard Barron, and is based in Eastland, Texas. Eastland has changed from an oil and gas driven agricultural, farming and ranching community to a buzzing business and retail center for the region. It is located about an hour and a half west of "Cowtown" (otherwise known as Fort Worth). From this central location in the heart of the state, we travel the back roads from the Panhandle to the Valley, from Big Bend to the Gulf Coast. We always have our eyes open for quality products and services from the good people of the Lone Star State.

We use the best technology for We Love Texas, and our servers are no exception. We employ a crop of high tech servers dedicated to nothing but the website. In an effort to keep operations running smoothly at all times, we have hired on staff Web designers, programmers, network technicians, and more, to help tend to our systems for maximum yield. Our systems are monitored 24/7 by our team to provide quick response time in the event that a glitch should occur. Each of our servers includes built-in redundancies to ensure maximum uptime.

Whether it was the Winchester rifle of the West or the barbed wire of the Hill Country, Texans have helped pioneer security. Our systems are no exception. We use multiple layers of hardware and software security and encryption to help protect our most precious data, yours. In fact many of our security features are the same ones you will find at many of the nationšs largest banks. Thankfully we no longer need to use the stagecoach to transport that hard earned gold bullion around. You can choose from a selection of on-line real-time credit card processors that best fit your needs. Each one has been carefully chosen based primarily on their security capabilities. This allows you to feel secure on the Internet so that your customers can, too. Think of it as your own personal barbed wire fence surrounding your data.

Texans know about style. Hey, the two-step isn't just how long it takes Big Tex to cross a football field. At we employ not just technology, but technology with style. No other place puts all the tools of big business into the hands of the small business owner. Whether it is providing affordable web design or real-time credit card processing you know that your business is being handled in style, Texas Style.

At you can browse through a variety of products. Pick out the ones you like best, and put them in your shopping cart.

Each vendor is an independent Texas-based business. When you make a purchase, you are buying directly from a small business owner, not some middle-man. So, rest assured, you are buying quality Texas products directly from Texans.

We are proud of the heritage and character that make Texas what it is. We maintain strong business ethics and strive to bring you an experience that reflects these qualities. If you ever need any help or have questions regarding, please don¹t hesitate to get in touch with us. We¹re happy to respond.

We love Texas...and we love our customers!